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Josh Stoik
Left Desk

I broke the first computer I was given access to. Then, naturally enough, I proceeded to break it repeatedly. It was all part of my brilliantly evil plan to figure out how it worked. And I did. I was able to gradually move toward more constructive avenues and began writing small programs to perform useful or entertaining tasks.

The programming languages I started with have, of course, long since been retired to the history books, but others, better, have taken their place. I now develop complex and custom web applications and manage a fleet of servers.

Tiffany Stoik
Right Desk

I entered the wide world of Web development as a teenager, making Diaryland templates for other teenage girls. From then on I was committed to helping people communicate and connect with others on the Web. I moved on from Diaryland to an open-source blogging software called Greymatter, which was popular in the early 2000s.

Now I focus on helping individuals and companies define themselves on the Web with free and open-source technologies like WordPress.

We're developers. We write the code to bring beautiful designs to life with pixel perfection.

We work with design firms
to build lasting partnerships.

It's exciting and extremely valuable for me to find a partner that not only can understand and translate my vision from creative through interactive, but also has the ability and high-level skills to troubleshoot issues that come up along the way.

Tiffany is extremely intelligent regarding development and interactive problem solving, so much so that sometimes I email her to help talk me through thoughts in my head to help me plan from top down.

Besides skills, I can’t say enough good things about how Tiffany works. She’s responsive, she’s pleasant and she’s accountable. All important needs when under tight deadlines and tough planning decisions.

Jason Schwartz, Owner
Bright Bright Great

You honestly can't go wrong with this team. We have collaborated with Blobfolio countless times, as they have developed almost all of our client sites – from basic WordPress sites to complex web applications.

Quality, efficiency, great communication, knowledge and expertise – it all goes such a long way, and they have time and again improved the work delivered to my clients.

I can't stress enough how damn good they are at their jobs. We all know how difficult it is to find a good developer. Well here's two of them, and bonus: they are SO fun to work with!

Lisa Bun, Owner
Collision Labs

There's more than one way to code a cat.
Our expertise is with the following:

It's OK if you don't know PHP from Peter Jackson. That's not your job!
We'll help you find the right technologies to make your project a success.

Proper web hosting requires more than stock photography.

We hand-tune everything from the bare metal operating system to WordPress and its plugins and themes.

This stock photo by Brett Sayles.

Our managed hosting will keep your
WordPress site safe, secure, and speedy.

We take our hosting very seriously. All of our servers are configured by hand from bare metal. Everything from the operating system to individual PHP modules are chosen with care, minimizing the attack surface and freeing resources for their true purpose: serving sites!

We handle all of the technical bits:

  • Server vitals are monitored 24/7
  • Site files and databases are backed up daily
  • Those backups are backed up too!
  • Critical security patches are applied as soon as they're available
  • Other software updates — including to WordPress and its plugins and themes — are applied at least once weekly
  • We maintain custom builds of software like Nginx to improve performance and security
  • Images are automatically losslessly compressed to reduce bandwidth and improve page speeds
  • WordPress configurations are hardened and optimized for maximum security and performance
  • All sites receive free SSL encryption (that is actually configured correctly…)

Which just leaves the content!

Our managed hosting is carefully curated. We don't want to sell people services that aren't right for them! If you would like more information, please contact us and we'll see if it is right for you!

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