We aren't financially-motivated people.

We have some clients. We build and host custom web sites, and make enough money from that.

If you're in the market for professional development or system administration services, by all means feel free to contact us.

Otherwise, don't worry about it!

Share the Love

We don't advertise. Most people find us through chance links or word-of-mouth.

The easiest way to support us is to simply talk us up to your friends, drop a relevant link on a forum or StackOverflow-type site, review our WordPress plugins, star or contribute to our Github projects, etc.

Stuff like that helps more than you might think!

Donations Reluctantly Accepted

Alternatively, if you're more the Secret Santa type than a Social Butterfly, we do accept straight Bitcoin and Monero donations.

Again, please do not feel obligated to send us money, but if you decide to anyway, thank you!