Sock’Em SPAMbots

Sock'Em SPAMbots

CAPTCHA fields inhibit both human and robot participation in important kitty-related discussions. Sock’Em SPAMbots exists to take a more seamless approach to SPAM blocking, placing the burden on the robots, not the humans. Any combination of the following can be enabled:

  • Javascript: require basic Javascript support, and in the process prove the user visited the actual comment form (instead of just submitting straight to WP).
  • Cookies: require basic cookie support, and again, prove the user visited the site before submitting a comment.
  • Honeypot: generic formbots will often populate all form fields with gibberish, so we can assume that if text is added to an invisible field, something robotic is happening!
  • Speed: automated scripts complete comment forms with inhuman speed, thus if submissions happen really quickly, we can assume it is a robot doing the submitting!
  • Links: reject comments with excessive number of links.
  • Disable trackbacks or pingbacks independently of one another.



new Form expiration test.
new max comment length.
new Ability to disable comment author links.
fix Enahnced link counting to include [url] tags and plaintext URLs.
new Ability to reject comments with excessive number of links.
new Ability to exempt authenticated users from tests.
new Update per-post comment and ping statuses en masse.
new Warn administrators if bbPress or BuddyPress are installed.
new Speed test.
new Debug logging.
change Cookie test is now site-specific.
fix Bug preventing custom trackback and pingback choices.
new Sock’Em SPAMbots is born!