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Shh! Mum's the word.

Please don’t share sensitive information in plain text. It will linger around for eternity in someone’s email.

Instead, enter your information here and share the self-destructing link it generates.

For maximum security, separate the secret payload from any context. For example, if sharing a password, input the password as the secret, but only mention what it is actually for in the email you send to your colleague.

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This secret will be viewable until the specified time has elapsed or the number of views has been reached, whichever occurs first.

Shh! Mum's the word.

This secret has been deleted.

This secret will automatically expire after {{ forms.shhOld.secret.max_views - forms.shhOld.secret.current_views }} view{{ (forms.shhOld.secret.max_views - forms.shhOld.secret.current_views) > 1 ? 's' : '' }} or in another {{ forms.shhOld.secret.expires_relative }}.

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